Wednesday 17th January 2018,

About Me

All of my friends would probably describe me as a gym rat and would most likely roll their eyes if they had to hear me talk about working out one more time. To say I fell into the wrong industry out of college is probably an understatement. Graduating from the University of Tulsa, I went right into a full time job at an ad agency. After a few years of that I decided to go into the nonprofit sector. Whoa, not a fit for me. I was extremely unhappy working my corporate job and getting paid basically nothing to work a lot. (Name of the game in non profit as most of you probably know). So to escape the perils of the white collar world I started working out…then working out more…and suddenly found I would rather spend 8 hours a day at a gym rather than spend one more day in an office with beige walls and no windows.

Surprise! A new passion was born. Not only had working out and Crossfit reminded me of the discipline and commitment that I had when I danced but I’d forgotten how much I loved teaching. So I got certified in Crossfit last September and have never looked back. As I continue to train and gain knowlege and experience in this industry I started to learn a very valuable lesson, that not every workout program works for every person.

For some, Spinning is a great workout and that is how they stay in shape…for me the only way I felt like I saw any results was Crossfit, yet, for others Crossfit just isn’t a fit. So I am currently trying to learn every thing I can about training people as individuals. I teach a ton of Crossfit classes a week, but I have also added a Bootcamp class called Power Camp which revs up the cardio and takes the weights down a notch or two. I also started doing some personal training at our Crossfit gym and I love it. I can have access to all of the great equipment but personalize a workout to meet that client’s goals, which could be vastly different from the person I trained an hour before him or her.

So I work hard every day to keep my body in shape and help others do the same. If you want to learn more about how I can help you reach your goals email me! I don’t promise to take it easy on you, but I promise your hard work will pay off in the end.