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The Final Freakout- Errr…Big Day.

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The Final Freakout- Errr…Big Day.

Hello! Hola! Hi! How is it going? Long time no talk.

Well my life has finally calmed down a bit. Thank goodness. I finally have time to breath and my daily or lets be honest- hourly freak-outs are pretty much over.

My wedding came and went, very quickly I might add. It is funny, everyone I talked to before the big day kept telling me that they wished they would have just eloped. Like, oh the wedding was great but looking back I wish I would have just jumped on a plane, landed on a beach and got married. Man, how depressing. I kept hoping that I wouldn’t feel that way. I mean, I did all of this planning, burned off all my fingerprints crafting day in and day out all just to feel like my hard work was for naught? Ugh. No thank you. That last month, leading up to my wedding I would stay awake at night, going through my next day’s to do list and repeating the mantra, that no matter what happened, I was going to have a blast. I didn’t want  to look back and think, man what a colossal mistake that was. Jeez.

Thankfully. It wasn’t like that at all. (insert sigh of relief). My husband (weird) and I told each other, we wanted nothing contrived or awkward. We wanted a casual ceremony and awesome party. Like knock your socks off dance till you drop belly full party. And as they were turning the lights on on us at 12:00 am I can say that looking around, I truly think that was exactly what happened!

The jumping on the plane happened after the big day. We jetted off to Zihuatanejo Mexico for a week in the sun. It was great, we surfed, rode horses and rescued sea turtles. Picture perfect.

But now, it’s back to reality. Back to the daily grind. Back to the weekly schedule. So bring on the cooking and the posting. I am working on a few great recipes that I have found. I promise I won’t go MIA for so long this time. So come back and visit, I’ll see you soon!

Stay Active, Stay Healthy, and Hooray for Free Time!


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  1. Michele December 7, 2012 at 8:17 pm

    Yay!! You’re back!! Gorgeous pics Christina! You’re an absolutely beautiful bride. Thanks so much for sharing your day! Looking forward to reading about all of your successes in the coming year (oh and your recipes too!)

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