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So You’re Goin’ Paleo…Huh?

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So You’re Goin’ Paleo…Huh?

It is that time of the year again. Time to reflect on 2012. Look back, see what we did wrong and see what we did right. Reflect on those habits that didn’t stick and time to make resolutions for the New Year. Unfortunately only about 17% of people will actually stick to their New Year’s resolutions which is actually a little sad because their resolutions are probably really positive additions or subtractions to their lives. Quit smoking, start working out, quit spending so much money, start eating healthy. Whatever those resolutions are they benefit your life in one way or the other. No one ever said, I’m going to blow my life savings at the casino in 2013. Or, I will take up smoking this year. Or, I am going to start eating a diet totally consisting of fast food.

No, obviously not. But all of these things probably happened after that first month when you realize, this shit is hard. Well duh. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. We wouldn’t have any smokers, or drug addicts, or overweight people. Everyone would be out running 10 miles every morning and eating a perfectly balanced meal of protein, carb and fat. But alas, this is not the case. Resolutions are hard and most of the time a pain in your ass.

So as the New Year approached, I heard more and more people claiming that they were going to start Paleo at the first of the year to try to get healthier. That is great. But just like any other resolution you could make, you have a uphill battle in front of you and having climbed that hill once before I thought I would impart some tips that helped me get through that first month of  Paleo. And I am sure a lot of these tips can be applied to other resolutions. So keep reading and hopefully a few of these will help to inspire you.

1. Commit. – yeah seems easy right. But like I always say- your mind it your worst enemy. If you don’t commit- like seriously no excuses commit, for a set amount of time you won’t make it. Sorry to be harsh, but don’t be wishy washy. Don’t tell yourself you will try it for a week and if it doesn’t work you will go back to your old ways. Guess, what? If you do this you will fail. Don’t give yourself an out- I promise, you will take it.

2. Keep it simple. – Don’t get all crazy in the first week when your motivation is the highest. Keep it simple and make good habits so when week 2 hits and you want to give up, those simple habits will be in place and it won’t be so hard to do. For example- you are pumped your first week, you buy a paleo cookbook and proceed to make three super hard, super ingredient intense dishes. Now week two- you’re busy as hell and that cookbook looks like the devil. Instead- keep it simple. Figure out good times to cook easy meals- simply grilled chicken breasts or easy veggies. Keep your crazy recipes on a day like Sunday when you have all the time in the world to cook.

3. Don’t get caught up in the hype. I am sure every Paleo blog you read has come out with some sort of Paleo desert recipe this month. Guess what… a desert is a desert whether you put the word Paleo in front of it or not. Save those Paleo pancakes for a Saturday morning breakfast. If you start cooking Paleo muffins for yourself every morning I promise you will not lose the weight you are expecting. I mean, read the ingredients…a half cup of agave might as well be 2 cups of sugar. It has the same effect on your body, regardless if it claims to be better for you. Don’t get caught up in the hype- and keep it simple.

4. Plan. I mean, I think I have posted numerous blog posts just about this topic. Wait…just checked, yes…yes I did. Click here to check it out. If you don’t plan, plan to fail. Read this post. It is so important. Especially at 9:00 pm week 3 when you haven’t eaten dinner and you are at a loss of what to do. PLAN. Period.

5. Do not cheat. Well, let me rephrase. Do not cheat for a least the first month. This is just like committing. Do not give yourself an out. It is too easy to fall off the wagon and stay on the ground stuffing your face with junk food. Alcoholics are not allowed one day a week to drink alcohol are they? No. Because if they were they would probably spiral out of control. If you want to change your lifestyle you can’t allow yourself to cheat. You have to commit.

So these are just a few things to think about as the New Year approaches. Make resolutions, stick to them and when the going gets tough…the tough get going. Don’t give up. Like everything, the more you work at it the easier it gets. Good Luck and feel free to post tips that have helped you in the past, with Paleo or anything you have committed to do!

Stay Active, Stay Healthy and Stick to those Resolutions!!


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