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Ahhh Freak Out!

CJM August 29, 2012 Crossfit 2 Comments
Ahhh Freak Out!

This year has been rough, intense, busy and awesome all at the same time. Along with a year like this comes a ton of freak outs. Like how the hell am I going to get through this freak out. Like hyperventilate and pass out freak outs.    Here is a snapshot of the freak outs, categorized by date not necessarily intensity:

Freak out 1: Buy a house and move in to said house a week before freak out number 2.

Freak out 2: Compete at the North Central Regional Competition.

Freak out 3: Win the North Central Regional Competition with your team and proceed to freak out number 4.

Freak out 4: Realize that by winning regionals you now have to go compete against the rest of the world at the Crossfit Games- where the absolute fittest people on earth compete in a gladiator type ring for tons of glory (and money- obviously, what do you think we do this for free)

Freak out 5: Spend most of your days wondering how in the ever loving hell you got the chance to go to the Crossfit Games and then train like a madwoman for about 4 hours a day- no joke. Leave the gym with a laundry list of things to work on tomorrow.

Freak out 6: Come to terms with the fact that you have a wedding approaching at lightening speed which you haven’t planned—at all. Forget about said wedding to circumvent a massive aneurysm.

Freat out 7: Go to the Crossfit Games in Carson, California

Freak out 8: Return from the Games sore mentally and physically.  Fellow teammate tore his bicep during warm up for workout 2, thus taking us out of the running to win. Although we competed as a five man team, ended up winning a workout (as a five man team- against other, full strength

six man teams, and placed pretty high in a few other events.) and overall having a great time.

Freak out 9: Finally decide that wedding planning must commence and go into Type A, schedule making list mode and start getting ready for this sweet party in October.

And there you have it. My life for the past year in tiny snippets of my freak outs. Oh, and I have four jobs. Take that!

Ha. But seriously. Sorry for the massive absence in writing in the blog. I have been out of the kitchen due to this crazy thing called life, but I plan on posting and updating it regularly now.

Until next time;

Stay Active, Stay Healthy, and Breathe!

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  1. Angie September 6, 2012 at 4:17 pm

    When the wedding is over, you can kick back and relax and realize how much you’ve accomplished. You’re above super-woman level at this point. Plus, think how bored you would be if none of this stuff had happened!

  2. Michele September 6, 2012 at 10:42 pm

    Well, you certainly had quite a few freak outs this year!

    But the irony is, YOU didn’t really freak out at all. Unless you consider freaking out to mean working harder than 99% of the rest of us humans do to acheive your goals… Then yes, you freaked out. And man, do I wish I had the strength to freak out like that just once!!

    You got it done girl! Well except the little bit about the wedding… but that’ll be a piece of cake!!

    You continue to inspire me! Great job!

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