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21 Day Sugar Detox- For Real

CJM January 25, 2012 Eating Paleo, Healthy Living 7 Comments

It’s done…it’s done…it’s finally freaking over. All hail the 21 Day Sugar Detox is Dead. Yeah, and if while reading that first line you pictured me doing a little dance then you would 100% correct in your visual image of this blog post. Hallelujah this detox is over. Jesus, that was miserable. Seriously. When I started this detox 21 days ago I looked forward to this day, the end, the finish line and fondly thought about the inspiring post I would write, recapping my experience. Getting my thoughts ready to tell people how great it was, how much easier it got after week one, how sweets have no power over me any more.

Except, um. Yeah, lets be real. None of that actually happened. I’ll be dammed if you put a piece of chocolate cake in front of me right now, that I literally won’t shove my face in it like a baby on their first birthday.  No sugar, no fruit, no fruit juice. Check. I made it the entire time without it, even as we took a mini vacay to Kansas City. That was rough. So imagine my surprise when I am still struggling with this no sugar thing as I stumble into week 3. Quickly the grandiose ideas of the triumphant post quickly went to, holy hell, I need to tell people the truth. I can’t lie and say that this was so great and I feel like I have lost my addiction to chocolate. People don’t need to hear that because when they try this (and I definitely think you should) it is your right to know how it really was for me. So here it goes. No sugar coating it, literally. How my 21 day sugar detox went.

 I like to think of this as me pre detox.

And post detox….I pretty much feel the exact same way about sweets.  Cravings are still intact and I find myself searching my kitchen after dinner for that sweet little dessert, still.

I’ve been reading a ton of other people’s experiences with this detox. How they overcame their craving for sweets. How they can’t even eat sweet things anymore. How terrible chocolate tastes, etc. Ok, listen people. Here’s the deal. For real. Yes, not eating sugar for 21 days was great. I had some weight loss and I feel like I gained a little piece of triumph for resisting the urge to eat sugar. And up until last Thursday I hadn’t really seen any gains in my performance. Actually until last week I felt like my performances had been worse than normal. I was slow, completely fatigued and dying after every wod.  But since then I have PR’d my clean and jerk at 175, and my split jerk from the rack at 190lbs. *side bar- I have no proof that this detox helped me throw 190 lbs over my head. The entire thing could be completely placebo. But I need to mention that it happened during this so that you know the full story. Plus I am so freaking stoked about those two huge PR’s that I can hardly contain myself. But was it because I stopped eating sugar, or because I have been working my tail off at getting stronger? Who knows.* end of side bar.

This is how the weeks went:

Day 1: excitement about trying something new. Full force, ready to take on this challenge

Day 3: Reality sets in, I’m no longer excited. This is going to suck

Day 4: Holy shit. I’m freaking starving and all I can eat is meat and veggies, my life blows.

Day 6: Totally depressed that I can’t have a sweet treat to help me through the day, sounds like more coffee it is.

Weekend 1: OMG this is terrible. And I’m ok with being a drama queen about it. The weekends are my cheat time and I need a freaking piece of chocolate

Day 8: Deactivate my Pinterest account so I can stop seeing all of the delicious “treats” people are making with cookies and ice cream. Screw you guys. And seriously. Who needs to know how to wrap an oreo in chocolate chip cookie dough. Umph

Day 10: still starving and the dreams about eating sweets have officially begun

Day 12: Wake up in a cold sweat because I dreamt I ate a piece of candy and had to spit it out. Spent the rest of the day in a weird cloud, pissed at myself for dream cheating on this challenge. Glad I have nothing in my house in case a sleep walking/eating session occurs.

Day 15: Dreams continue, except now I’m eating gummy bears and bowls of fruity pebbles. Wake up depressed and starving

Day 17: Middle finger to all those on facebook who say they feel great.

Day 19: Need coffee now.

Day 20: Almost done. Almost done. Almost done.

Day 21: Oh my god, I made it. Does this mean I can have a banana now?

So as of day 23, I’ve still not had any sugar. It isn’t that I don’t want any, but shit, I’ve made it this far, I guess I’ll keep going until I can’t take it any longer.

So in retrospect, a few things to take out of this. Sugar is the devil and if it controls your life like it does mine, maybe you should consider a challenge like this yourself. 21 days, although torturous wasn’t so unmanageable that I couldn’t get through it. It wasn’t 6 weeks, it wasn’t 3 months, it wasn’t a year. 21 days. If I can do it. You can do it. Give it a try. You have nothing to lose but your crippling addiction to sweets and that belt around your middle. You can do it and today is a great day to start. Think about how great you will feel when it is over. Prove to yourself you have what it takes. Step up and make a change.

Stay Active, Stay Healthy, and Put Down the Chocolate and Step Away.

 dessert table image via Amy Atlas Events

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  1. Robin January 25, 2012 at 5:44 pm

    WTG Christina. You are a stronger person than I am. Heck, I can’t even seem to do Paleo for 1 straight week.

  2. natalie Rouse January 25, 2012 at 5:51 pm

    In reality, how much sugar were you eating before?

    • CJM January 26, 2012 at 4:17 pm

      Natalie, My sugar addiction got pretty out of control around the holidays. There is just so much temptation. And I think that a lot of people (me included) are guilty of eating fruit in place of veggies because it is so much easier and tastier to grab. Lets just say that I had a bag of frozen dark chocolate chips in my freezer that kept me from going crazy.

  3. Brandy January 26, 2012 at 4:03 pm

    First of all….Congrats for completing the challenge….but Dang-it Christina… have me convicted again!!! Feeling freakin guilty for the fruit I have with every meal and the 72% Chocolate I eat practically every night…. Grrrrrrrrrrr! But most importanly, I have realized, that sugar ABSOLUTELY controls my life, every meal has to end with something sweet :(

    I am going to have to attempt this sugar detox now….crap!! Thanks for keepin it real!!

    • CJM January 26, 2012 at 4:20 pm

      Brandy, good for you for giving this a try! I know you can do it. I definitely don’t want people to think that fruits are bad for you. For me they just seemed to be all I was eating. And I knew if I took out other sweets like chocolate for this detox that I would just add in more fruit to compensate. So I didn’t want to replace one sugar with another. Plus I was hoping that eliminating all sugar, even in fruit, would decrease my cravings for it. It definitely didn’t but I feel a whole lot less controlled by it.

  4. Michelle S February 1, 2012 at 3:17 am

    Great job! I am assuming you were already off dairy (i.e. lactose), so that was out, too? You’re an inspiration.

  5. Mikela March 21, 2012 at 5:14 am

    Thank you thank you thank you for this honest and awesome post. Prior to reading this I was filling my Pinterest board with Paleo friendly treats to sink my FACE into when these days of misery are behind me! I’m on day 5 and feel weak and broken. Thank you again for the honesty because reading another post of “I now hate sugar!!!!!” and “I spit out mushrooms because they were TOO sweet! LOL!!!!!! Smiley face!!!!” would send me into a recovering sugar addict safe house. I now feel these remaining days will come to an end!

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